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We apply our extensive experience in the music industry to provide exclusive and tailored customer service. The team has a wide background in the field, we possess more than 15 years of experience and are focused on getting the highest music standards. We offer an innovative and competitive product that has been endorsed and supported by several international DJs, musicians, and media.




Music Production


Being aware of the growing interest of our customers of the music production techniques, and also of the knowledge of how a recording studio works, provides all the facilities regarding the best professional training, allowing our students to be a success in their purposes.

The courses are thought not only for those who are willing to start learning about music IT, but also for those music professionals who want to improve their skills in terms of either creating, recording, editing, mixing, mastering or releasing their own music.

Music Production

We focus on the mix, automation and arrangement

If needed we can work in the studio with a new composition, record new drums, synths, instruments and vocals.

Start with 90€ for 5 hours (20 euros extra hour)


Send us all the tracks named in audio format and with the same sample rate of your project.

If you work with Ableton Live, you can send us the project freezing the tracks on you are using VST or AU plugins. The tracks with only Ableton fx and instruments is not needed.

1 revision included in the price

90 € / 20 channels (+5€ extra channel)

Stem Mix

Send your track in 6/7 stems.
This type of mix is cheaper if you have a lot of tracks and it´s better to have a sound similar to your original mix.
We work with resonances, equalization, compression, fx, and stereo field to have a clean and warm mix.

1. All of the guitars/synths together on a stem
2. The bass on its own separate stem
3. The bass drum on its own separate stem
4. The rest of the drums on a stem
5. The vocals on an own stem
6. Anything left over on a stem

Stem Mix service 70€


Mastering 30€
Stem Mastering 50€
Mastering 4 Track EP 100€

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